Souther Humboldt Brewery • Gyppo Ale Mill

gyp•po |ˈjipō|


Wednesday through Friday :: 3PM - 10PM
Saturday & Sunday :: Noon to 10PM
Monday’s :: 3PM to 10PM

The Gyppo Ale Mill is Shelter Cove’s first & ONLY craft brewery and taproom. It has long been a dream of ours to combine our love for beer, family and community. This dream has had it’s ups and down but it is a dream that we hold strong to.

Our goals for the Gyppo Ale Mill is to server you kick-ass quality beers, superb food humbly served in a warm and friendly space. If you know us than you’ll know that family is extremely important part of who we are. Integrating our family into this project is just a part of how we do things. If you are looking for a new nightclub or all night dive bar, we’re sorry to disappoint. That will not be us. If you are looking for a place kick up your heels, see some familiar friendly faces, eat some quality food and wash it down with a good beer, then we’re on the same page.

Thanks you for your continued patience & support of us.

Cheers to an Independent & Freewheeling life!

Gyppo Has A Home

Can you believe it? CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?  Josh and I have been dreaming up creating a space for our friends, family and fellow community members to come, kick up their heels, swill some beers and enjoy one another's company.  We have been diligently working away at it.  I have to admit we almost gave up.  Being kicked down the road for as long as we were was not a fun process and I may have some lingering post traumatic distress, but nothing a beer can’t handle. 

But on Thursday, all that changed and it changed for the GOOD.  We were item number 7 on the Shelter Cove's Resort Improvement District Agenda and I was thinking this is going to take a long time.  Actually it did take a LONG time but the meeting was fascinating. Phillip Young, the general manager and the Board of Directors are a group of busy folks but they have got a plan and they have vision. They are out there writing grants and implementing projects all that follow along with Strategic Plan that shoots out 10 years in the future.  We heard about a collaboration project with Humboldt State University to make Shelter Cove one of the first communities to be completely energy sustainable by creating a solar electric micro-grid system. They approved a design for a beautiful new community center that all residents can be proud of.  They are supporting the Harbor Districts efforts to clean up the fish cleaning station and remove a dilapidated building. On and on it went and I was in awe.  

Next up us, Consider Commercial/Industrial Project: Gyppo Ale Mill. I was of course nervous but it was for absolutely NO reason.  I had met with Young in the late part of last year and gave him our project numbers. He had his wastewater and water folks take a look at them.  No Problem!  The board had a few questions for us. No Problem! The board meeting attendees made some comments but they were all extremely kind and supportive. I am such a sucker but I have to admit, I had tears in my eyes.  It was incredible!  They brought the action item up for a vote and BAM, unanimously they voted to approve the project.  The entire room cheered and clapped. My heart almost burst I was so happy!

There it is. The Gyppo Ale Mill has FINALLY found a home.  We of course don’t have a building yet and we have to go through Humboldt County Planning (HCP) but that seems easier than what we have dealt with in the past. A huge round of applause to Phillip Young, general manager and the entire Resort Improvement Board of Directors, Susan Fox, David Sommer, Michael Caldwell, Nanette Corely and Jac Hargrave. Your professionalism, organization, positive attitudes, commitment to our community and timeliness is very much appreciated.  Please everyone let’s make a toast to these good folks and I suppose this is just a little reminder, never stop dreaming!  Cheers!


Cheers to a Freewheeling Life!