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The Gyppo Ale Mill is Shelter Cove’s first & ONLY craft brewery and taproom. It has long been a dream of ours to combine our love for beer, family and community. This dream has had it’s ups and down but it is a dream that we hold strong to.

Our goals for the Gyppo Ale Mill is to server you kick-ass quality beers, superb food humbly served in a warm and friendly space. If you know us than you’ll know that family is extremely important part of who we are. Integrating our family into this project is just a part of how we do things. If you are looking for a new nightclub or all night dive bar, we’re sorry to disappoint. That will not be us. If you are looking for a place kick up your heels, see some familiar friendly faces, eat some quality food and wash it down with a good beer, then we’re on the same page.

Thanks you for your continued patience & support of us.

Cheers to an Independent & Freewheeling life!

Redway Community Service District September Meeting

"It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard... is what makes it great."

A League of Their Own

UPDATE:  Hold up, wait a minute.... The RCSD decided to take the Gyppo Ale Mill off the agenda for tomorrow's meeting.  We were informed that there is a public comment period at the beginning of the meeting and this would be a great opportunity for supporters (or proponents) of Gyppo to express their feeling. Also, the address publicized earlier is incorrect. The correct address is 1150 Evergreen in The Meadows Business Park, next to Greenwired. Hope to see you there!

Tim Royer of Royer Building and Design created this 3D Renderings from our blue prints.

The Gyppo Ale Mill is attempting to turn lemons into lemonade.  This upcoming Wednesday,  September 17th,  at the Redway Community Service District (RCSD) monthly meeting, we will be facing the first of many obstacles that we will encounter our our path as new business.  As most of you may know, Josh and I have been slowly negotiating with the Redway Community Service District since August of 2013 to open a community brewery, pub and beer garden in The Meadows Business Park. We have a handful of fantastic professionals that have been diligently supporting us through this project, from architects to brewers, general contractors to wastewater consultants.  

The Redway Community Sewer District manager believed that they had the capacity on both the wastewater side and certainly on the water intake side to service our needs.  Under this assumption and the requirements of the sewer district for our discharge permit we moved forward with the project. This included the purchase of the property located on Tunnel road,  applying for a conditional use permit, that would allow the pub to operate in an area zoned light industrial use and applying for the actual industrial wastewater permit. 

An industrial wastewater permit application has been submitted.  Actually it has been submitted three times, and each time rejected because of its lack of detail. The details lacking were permit ready schematic drawings which involved the engineering of the building along with all plumbing associated with both the brewery and the pub, a costly endeavor not to mention time consuming. A service district would normally be looking for the projected loading for the wastewater along with raw materials and chemical that are planned to be used in the brewery. Basically what we would be discharging not what the actual brewery layout is, which wouldn't change our out flow numbers. These outflow numbers are fairly easy for a brewery to project. We applaud the RCSD for the fine job of watching out for their constituents as the application process has been far more rigorous than anything our wastewater consultant of 15 years, John Mercer, has ever seen for a brewery of this size. We project to be brewing under 800 barrels for our first year, about 1/100 of what Lost Coast Brewery produces per year. This would only require about 2600 gallons of water a week for the brewery, around the amount an average household uses. 

At the last RCSD meeting the results of a capacity study done on the water treatment plant were presented.  The results were not what the board or Gyppo were hoping for.  The plant is running nearly at capacity on incoming water and wastewater treatment.  We are assuming that this will have an impact on the Gyppo Ale Mill permit application.  We have attempted to communicate with them about this situation but as in the past, communication has been extremely difficult and as of press time they have not responded to our communications. Josh and I quickly determined to bring any more progress on the project to a screeching halt, just as we were about to submit for our building permit.

A Call for Action

Wednesday, September 17th at 7pm
1150 Evergreen Road, Suite 2, Redway, CA 95560

But life is all about learning lessons.  We could be upset with a few folks but we believe that this entire experience was meant for us to learn something and grow from it.  We refuse let this get the better of us and instead we want to use this as an opportunity for the Gyppo Ale Mill, Redway Community Service District and you, our soon to be loyal patrons, to team up and find a creative solutions to this problem that we all share.  There are so many intelligent and talented folks that call the hills of Humboldt their home.  This is our call to action for YOU! especially Redway residents and property owners. Come down to the next board meeting as the RCSD on Wednesday September 17th at 7pm and listen to what the problems are and express to the board that having brewery in Redway is important to you!  Help us, help Redway Service District and help Southern Humboldt as a whole to bring a new industry into the area. Not only could the brewery provide long term economic impact to the area by creating employment opportunity, tax revenue for the RCSD and Humboldt County and increased tourism, but will also be a place that our community can come to enjoy the company of their fellow neighbors, friends and family. We feel that the RCSD could find a way to service us as our operations are not significant in the near term, and the growth of the brewery could be in tandem with the needed improvement to the water, and waste water treatment plants. 

But for now,  life is what it is and we still have a hypothetical brewery drawn out and ready to go. Take a look and just imagine hanging out with your friends and family, overlooking the beautiful Eel River valley.   Eating some delicious food and sipping on some mouthwatering cold beer.  Soon my friends, maybe not a soon as we thought, but soon!  

Site Plans for the Gyppo Ale Mill that include outdoor patio with the possibility of a bocce court and firepit.  Great for sipping beer!

 Brewery design features full view of brewery through glass windows behind bar and garage doors that connnect inside dining to the outdoors. 

Northwest view of brewery from Tunnel Road.

If you have any questions, concerns or would like to learn more about this project before the meeting, please feel free to contact Josh or I at the following emails. 


Cheers to a Freewheeling Life!