Little Black Sands Beach


When people are driving the Avenue of the Giants with the majestic redwoods, they have no idea just how close they are to California’s Lost Coast. , the longest stretch of coastal wilderness in the continental United States. Fortunately for the Gyppo Ale Mill, we get to call this wonder filled and rugged area home.  Getting to know the gems that are sprinkled around us is one of the joys of living here.  Little Black Sands Beach is just one of those unique and beautiful places that make Shelter Cove unique among the array of small California beach towns.

Tucked away and honestly a little hard to find is the shy and secluded little sister to Black Sands Beach, aptly named, Little Black Sands. Little Black Sands Beach is the perfect cozy spot to throw down your beach blanket, unlatch the picnic basket and of course pop open a growler of some Gyppo brew!  Delgada Canyon is located in front of you, where the ocean floor plummets 450 feet deep just ½ mile off the shore. This canyon creates a display of crashing waves that is a stunning water work show. Did we mention the whales?  Delgada Canyon offers you rare opportunity to watch pods of whales frolicking and splashing at an incredible close distance. Top that Sea World!

If this is the year you visit the California Redwood Coast, be it tackling one of California most beautiful foot races, the Avenue of the Giants Marathon or the historic motorcycle rally, The 42nd Redwood Run.  Make time to take the adventurous drive out the California’s Lost Coast where the mountains, (Kings Peak 4,088 ft) meet the sea in three short miles.   

While you are here don’t forget to stop by the brewery for some house made craft beer and Shelter Cove’s most delicious fish and chips and famous Gyppo Chokesetter Burger!  We are located on the 9th hole of the Shelter Cove Golf Links, directly next store to the Shelter Cove Campground.  If you are lucky enough to own your own small airplane (or know someone who does!), fly on in and take the 5-minute walk to come for a visit. We promise you; you will not regret it.

*** Black Sands & Little Black Sands Beach are for watching NOT wading. Do NOT swim here. Check out Shelter Cove Beach for that. •••

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