Chemise Mountain Trail

In search of an epic view to enjoy a cold craft beer?  These adventure seekers find themselves in one of the most remote and beautiful coastlines, California's Lost Coast, in the King Range National Conservation Area. We come prepared sporting our Gyppo Ale Mill insulated backpack loaded with the essential,  snacks, sustainable stainless steel cups, glass growlers of Blood Orange Wheat Beer & and even a jug of Belgium Dubbel.

Our journey begins in a deeply forested Wailaki Campground named after the indigenous people of the area.  Sounds of trickling creeks greet us as we cross a handsome wooden bridge and meander among sword ferns along a single track trail assent.  It’s a beautiful climb to the top through the depths of the forest - the mushrooms in the winter and wildflowers in the summer allow for entertainment year round.  Look closely and you can identify a rare mushroom or two! Stream crossing with with mossy rocks make for picturesque spots for a quick water break and the opportunity to snap a photo to document this amazing adventure.

Upon reaching the peak of the mountain we are met with a breathtaking view.  Blue skies with puffy white clouds and miles and miles of wilderness. We bust out the snacks and open our growlers of beer.  It is these shared moments among friends admiring the beauty of Southern Humboldt and all mother earth has to offer that make Boots to Beer memories that much more monumental.

Gyppo Ale Mill embracing the freewheeling and sustainable lifestyle all while enjoying a cold craft brew. We would love to see photos from your Chemise Mountain trail hike. Share them here. Cheers!