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Cinco De Mayo


We invite you to join us for a Cinco De Mayo celebration at the Gyppo Ale Mill!  This FREE event includes a little something for everyone. We’ll be offering a discount on the Mexican classic, the Michaladas!  Our staff has this receipt down pat with Knudnesen’t Spicy tomato juice, clam juice, lime and Tajin ringed rim. And what is Cinco De Mayo if we don’t have a PINATA!  Don’t worry parent’s we’ve got the safe version of this, the PULL Piñata. For the grand finale, we invite all you Cinco De Mayo lovers to participate in our El Grito Contest!  Entry cost for this is $5 and winner chooses to take home the winning or which non-profit organization they want to donate the winning too. Don’t know what an El Grito Contest is? Check out this video for inspiration!