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P4NP - Friends of Whitethorn School

  • Gyppo Ale Mil 1661 Upper Pacific Drive WHITETHORN (map)

Here we go folks!  We’ve got Friends of Whitethorn School up as our non profit organization that we will be raising money for!  Located in the historic upper Mattole River Valley, Whitethorn School is situated in a sunny clearing on the eastern bank of the river, bordered by large Douglas Fir and redwood trees. There is a generous mix of shaded and sunny play areas, new playground equipment, a baseball diamond, a basketball court, and a new soccer field. Our rural setting is an enjoyable and healthy place for the approximately 79 children to learn, exercise, and interact.

For each beer sold between 2-6PM, the Gyppo Ale MIll will donate $2 and root beer $1.  Tins with the Friends of Whitethorn School  logo are placed on each table as a gentle suggestion for patrons to give a buck or two more.  Every penny counts and is appreciated!

The Gyppo Ale Mill wants to extend this invitation to all of our local nonprofit organizations.  They are currently booking Pints 4 Nonprofits through the summer. If you are interested in participating or have more questions, please contact julie@gyppo.com, kara@gyppo.com or swing by the restaurant, brewery and beer garden located on 1661 Upper Pacific Drive in Shelter Cove.