Our Team

gyp•po |ˈjipō| a lumberjack who runs or works for a small scale logging operation that is independent from an established sawmill or lumber company primarily in the Pacific Northwest.

Our family came to Southern Humboldt when virgin stands of Doug-Fir were still intact and a small GYPPO logging outfit could succeed. Discovered was a land of incredible beauty and bounty skipped over in the development of the rest of the Pacific Northwest.

Things began to change - the roads were cut, trees fell & hauled, and floods washed away houses. People began to move back to the land and growing marijuana out of the eye of The Man. With this, a new era of GYPPO’s arrived. To this day, the community of Southern Humboldt strives to live free of the constraints of a modern world.

GYPPO ALE MILL brings the community that we all love together. Whether we tell the story of our grandfathers running timber or our fathers running from the feds through the timber, collectively we raise an independently brewed beer.



We care for each other, trust each other, push each other and at the end of the day, we have a beer together. Gyppo Ale Mill has a passion for beer. We have a passion for food. We also have a passion for our community. When an individual interacts with a member of the Gyppo Ale Mill family, this passion becomes contagious. We are determined to infuse the culture of Humboldt County and the familiarity of a brewery to create a successful business.

CORE VALUES: Family, Ocean Friendly. Growth, Learning, Passion, Determination


We are always looking for prep cook, line cook, dishwasher, bartender, hostess, and server.
Download the application and fill that puppy out. Once completed you have two options either drop it off with the manager during Gyppo Ale Mill open hours or email it to family@gyppo.com